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<p>Silver Award-winning run-'n'-gun platformer Cally's Caves 3 just got a whole load bigger with its latest update.</p><p>For starters, there's an entire new zone called "Melvin's Prototype Lab" that adds another 34 levels to the game.</p><p>You also get to fight the titular gigantic prototype as a boss, too.</p><p>But that's not all. There are five new enemy classes and three new weapons (and their final forms) to try out.</p><p>The new slimegun lets you turn slimes against themselves. The bow and arrow from Cally's Caves 2 returns. And web shooters let you trap enemies in place.</p><p>Each of these three weapons have four evolution tiers so with some effort you should be able to unlock their final forms.</p><p>Oh, and lastly, the story now continues for Cally and Rupert after the original ending. So, yeah, there's loads to do.</p><p>You can get this update for free if you've already downloaded Cally's Caves 3 on the App Store and Google Play.</p>.

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