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Version: Category:RPG
Size:98M Time:2022-09-28
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 <p>Donuts Delivery is a puzzle game from developer Rakshak Kalwani also knowing as VRPlaying Games. It's essentially a casual block sliding puzzler but instead of standard blocks, you'll be arranging delicious-looking desserts. Donuts Delivery is available now for iOS.</p><p>In Donuts Delivery each stage will be represented by a box of sweet treats that you'll need to arrange before they're sent out for delivery. For some reason, the customers want them laid out in a particular pattern, so you'll need to match your box with the picture in the top right-hand corner.</p>�





  �'Small show of man was yet upon his chin;

  All melting; though our drops this diff'rence bore:�


  �Appear to him as he to me appears,

  Love made them not; with acture they may be,�

  &#;<p>Ocean Hunter is a sea-themed, match-three title that released on 13th August this year for both iOS and Android that offers up some cool in-depth features that you won&rsquo;t find with the usual slate of match-three games currently on the app stores.</p>


  �Not to be tempted, would she be immured,

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