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<p>Between the clumsy Daddy Long Legs and gravity-shifting Illi, Set Snail Games' library has been one of quirky games and colorful art styles, and their next project is no different. Iron Horse combines physics-based bike platforming with a charming aesthetic.</p><p>The project was only revealed recently, but is already showing their signature silly style and physics-driven fun. Choosing from skillful bike-riders that include a acrobatic grandmother among them, you'll roll and flip through gauntlets of spikes, jumps, and other dangers.</p><p>Your riders will also carry diverse weapons, such as a carrot-firing gun. These arms let you shoot hazards that can block your path.</p><p>There aren't many other details about Iron Horse at the moment, but we'll be share to share new info and footage as the game's development continues.</p>.

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