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<p>Following its release for iOS systems last month, the tactical title Battleplans is soon to be available for your Android systems through Google Play. A game centred on its easy-to-grasp take on real-time strategy within an aesthetically pleasing environment, Battleplans brings the often-overlooked genre into the mainstream.</p><p>Moving away from more traditional elements such as base building and resource grinding, the title focuses on a unique tactical movement stance with a side of unit positioning. Even whilst in the midst of battle, players can control units with precision, despite the real-time aspects.</p><p>The game is split into two phases, with the first being ‘Skulls’, in which players must strive to construct strategic manoeuvres whilst playing through different heroes to master their special abilities. Enter the real-time element and the game becomes an expanse across the world, enabling full-scale wars.</p><p>Enemies must be beaten by undermining attacks and, if you find yourself unable to progress through their advances, you can always use the handy playback feature to pinpoint exactly where you went wrong and amend for future battles.</p>.

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